Right turn back into my world…L&D!

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After a very (slow and not very motivating) 12 months in what was meant to be an e-learning design and development role i have moved back into a more generalist L&D role.

And i feel like i’m home again!

The last 12 months have been a huge learning curve – I was buried deep within the business, surrounded by very technical content trying to develop e-learning. Lots of bumps and hiccups along the way meant i only really got my hands dirty on one project.

But things have changed for the better ! I am now back in L&D managing learning projects for my employer’s transformation project in Eastern Europe. Lots of work ahead, lots of learning ahead..and most importantly..lots of blogging and inspiration ahead !!

So on that note my future posts may not be all dedicated to e-learning , i will start blogging about Learning and Development in general, the challenges, projects and insights i gain in this new role.

Yay for comebacks !


Online Educa Berlin 2009 : what a day!

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And it’s not even over yet ! I didn’t realize how tiring tweeting was..can’t doze off 😉

It’s been a jam packed day and it’s so difficult to pick the winning sessions. I went for the corporate ones and i think i may have missed the mark today – lots of info, stats and practices that have been around for a while were presented. I haven’t really seen anything that blew me away. But on saying that it is good to see that companies are embracing blended learning and getting more serious about it. Some of the things that have stood out in my mind so far are:

* Deloittes are opting for more top end, well designed e-learning instead of rapid e-learning. Have they out grown the rapid stuff? Getting more sophisticated? Can rapid be sophisticated?

* E-learning means less money spent on travel – arrrggghh i have lost count of the times i have heard that today ! I think it’s time we move beyond that – i mean c’mon there are plenty other reasons and data and research we can use to substantiate e-learning..i know business is business and everyone likes to see the $$ impacts but i think we need to move on.

* Not that many ppl using twitter..was expecting more action

If you’re interested in the sessions i tweeted from take a look here http://twitter.com/DeboraGallo

I’ll post a few vids later.

Now onto the great Online Educa Debtate..hopefully should be fun 😉

Online Educa Berlin – What would you like to see/read?

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My countdown to Online Educa Berlin has  officially started – only 9 days to go !

The agenda for the conference is excellent and i am very keen to share as much as i can from Berlin. There are some great speakers (and very active bloggers: Clive Shepherd, Nick van Dam, Jane Hart, Karyn Romeis, Donlad Clark) lined up. Check it out here http://www.online-educa.com/

So with my tools in hand i plan to blog, twitter and make Flipumentaries (love that word – got from @AnneBB).

My question is what would YOU like to see or read from Online Educa Berlin? Do you have any burning questions that you think i should ask presenters or attendees? Anything in particular you’d like me to film? I’ll try my best to accommodate:)


Tips for managing e-learning projects

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Just read a great post on tips for managing e-learning projects:


I think the most important tip is ‘Communicate, communicate, communicate!’ – I have found we become too caught up in emails and our own deadlines etc that we forget to touch base to see how everyone is coming along.

One of the things that really worked for us with our last big e-learning project were daily 5 minute ‘huddles’. At the beginning of the day my team would gather for a brief on how the day before had gone, any major issues or hiccups and plans for the day. We had a very tight deadline and had to get A LOT done in a matter of 2 weeks so this kept us all informed and motivated !

What would be the best area/scope to focus on when launching e-learning and trying to get quick wins?

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I recently received an email from an old work mate who is moving into an e-learning role for the first time. He asked some good questions and I thought I’d share one of them here:

What would be the best area/scope to focus on when launching e-learning and trying to get quick wins?

I guess you could say this is the biggest slice of the pie! Everyone wants the quick wins up front – it paves the way for a smoother ride and opens a lot of doors. But it’s a lot easier said than done and if you get it wrong it can be costly (both in terms of actual budget and reputation).

The key thing here is alignment with the business. One of the things I learnt from my last manager was making sure at all times that the line of sight was clear – that is the alignment between what we were doing in L&D with what the business needed and was going. This needs to be aligned. It was imperative that we could clearly see how we were contributing.  It sounds so obvious but it’s not always what happens down on the shop floor !

So how do you get alignment and then score those quick wins?  You need to know what is going on in the business. You need to talk to the right people and  have a look at what the business priorities are and (if) and how online learning can help meet them. Your e-learning needs to support the business not the other way round.  If your e-learning is in line with a business initiative or project (pref a high profile one) then I would say that is a quick win.

I can’t say it enough, it’s important that your learning initiatives align with what the business needs..and if that is the case then you have a win !

So my advice is to have a look at what projects are on the go within the organization, talk to people about what’s coming up, what’s the strategy, where is the business headed? Where does the business want to be? And then figure out how you can help. Partner with the business – bring your expertise and tools in to support what’s happening. It may not necessarily be a quick win..but it will be a worthwhile one.

Then again you could always fall into the easy lane and say that compliance is a quick win..there’s always someone in compliance that needs an elearning course but we have to look beyond these obvious areas that have used and abused e-leaning for too long.

Can a program design model ensure quality and consistency?

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Does the perfect program design model exist? If it does, can I apply it in my work place to solve the quality issues we have with designing training packages?

This is a paper i wrote a few years ago –  The aim was to deepen my understanding of program design and develop or adapt a suitable model to use as reference in my work place at the time. I wanted to ensure my team maintained an acceptable level of quality throughout our training design projects.

The motivation for this paper came from a workplace issue at the time. I worked for a financial services company in the training and development unit. My team was geographically dispersed, made up of 8 corporate trainers (2 in Sydney and 6 in Melbourne) of varying experiences and academic backgrounds.  Our roles consisted of designing and delivering training to the business. Our problem was the disparate quality of the training packages we produced. We didn’t have any program design guidelines, review or quality assurance procedures for our design process, which meant that training packages were designed according to the designer’s personal preference with no evident underlying framework.

Read the full paper and how i addressed the issue here ISD Model

Argentina and radical education

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Going through some old docs on my laptop i came across this paper i wrote during my Master’s program at UTS. It is not e-learning related but it may be an interesting read for some.

In the paper i discuss the Recuperated Factory Movement in Argentina (circa 2001 – 2006) from an adult education perspective. A bit of a snapshot:

Buenos Aires, December 2001: “Que se vayan todos” (they all must go) yelled by millions of Argentineans to the beat of pots and pans was the catalyst that signalled the country’s rapid fall into a social and economic abyss. Since late 2001 this fall has paved the way for a change in the Argentinean labour landscape with the emergence of the Recuperated Factory Movement. This movement has reactivated unemployment and brought a radical change in owner-worker paradigms in ways that were never thought possible.

This radical change initiated by workers has a learning process associated that although not explained in great detail in current literature, but based on the context and facts, seems to fit into the radical education philosophy. Words like dialog, discussion groups, consciousness raising, praxis, critical thinking and social action are all synonyms of radical education and similarly of the Recuperated Factory Movement.

In this paper I will analyse the Recuperated Factory Movement from an adult education perspective, hypothesising how and if it fits into the radical adult education framework.

The questions I will be posing are:

  • Does the existing radical education philosophy support the learning that occurs in the Argentinean Recuperated Factory Movement?
  • What role does adult education have in the Recuperated Factory Movement?

Read the full paper here Recuperated factories and radical education

What does a real life e-learning strategy look like?

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I was reading a post recently about e-learning strategies http://elearningtech.blogspot.com/2009/09/elearning-strategy.html and one of the things that I totally agreed with was the fact that there aren’t that many examples of e-learning strategies available on the internet ! Now as much as I like to take I also acknowledge I gotta give back too ! So here’s my 2 cents worth 🙂

I have created a few e-learning strategies in my past roles and I have learnt a lot about them along the way. I started off small..creating strategies for local learning program rollouts, for small L&D departments and then onto  national and global e-learning initiatives.

I am going to share here an e-learning strategy I developed about 12 months ago. I agree with Alisson Rossett’s view (http://www.clomedia.com/features/2009/April/2603/index.php) that a strategy  tells everybody who you are and what you intend to accomplish. The strategy I created here had a few aims :

  • Give my L&D team direction in terms of what we were going to do in re to e-learning
  • Give the wider HR department a roadmap of what we were going to do and how
  • Tie in with the organisation’s people goals and demonstrate how the my L&D department was going to contribute – essentially making the line of sight clearer.

One of the key considerations for me was to determine where we wanted to be but also take a close look at where we were in terms of e-learning and identify what we were doing well and what needed to change or improve. It was no use coming up with blue sky scenarios and ideas when we didn’t have our basics sorted out !

So the strategy outlines where we intended to go and how. The emphasis was on utilizing our existing resources (people, systems and materials) to their fullest capacity.

Here it is eL Strategy Blueprint 2008- 2009

Drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to discuss further !

Discovering a gold mine of e-learning information, knowledge and expertise

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I have been a fan of Tony Karrer for a while now – he’s one of the best e-learning bloggers around. One of the things that Tony has done for the e-learning community is start e-learning learning

Haven’t heard of e-learning learning? You’re missing out on a gold mine of e-learning information, knowledge and expertise !

In Tony’s own words, e-learning learning is a community collecting and organizing the best information on the web about eLearning.

E-learning learning is a Topic Hub, a site that aggregates content from a variety of sources, organizes that content around keywords and make sit extremely fast and easy to find high quality content !

And there’s one more reason e-learning learning is very cool – cause my blog is now included ! Yay..e-bites now contributes content 🙂

I better get cracking and start writing up all those posts I have in mind !!

e-Learning Methodology Toolkit: templates to design and manage your e-learning projects

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Part of my role here at work is to put a bit of structure into our e-learning development process.  So i have been working on an e-Learning Methodology Toolkit – basically a set of documents and templates that will help my team structure the way they work – improving the overall analysis, design and deliverables we produce ! Not to mention reduce our timeframes for development !!

So here it is.. eLearning Methodology Toolkit

I can’t say i have created all the documents from scratch – i have gathered some and produced others.

Hopefully someone will find them useful !

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