Reigniting my reflective practice

July 4, 2017 at 10:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It’s been a busy couple of years! Lots of hands on doing but not as much stepping back to reflect as i would have liked. So i am reigniting my reflective practice!

I recently took 2 months leave and it gave me such a sense of renewal – i reconnected with  what i enjoy most : learning!

What took me so long to return to my blog? I thought i had nothing of value to share. I wrestled with that for a while and then eventually re-framed it – putting what i am learning at uni into practice (growth mindset, self determination theory, goal setting…i’ll write about this more later!)

So in my quest to get back into it I’ve embarked on 2 learning experiments:

WOL Circle for L&D practitioners: I’ve joined Michelle Ockers’ WOL circle for L&D folks ( My intention behind this is to learn more about WOL, experience it for myself and see where i can take it here at work. I’ll be posting reflections on this soon.

Coaching Ourselves and 702010 Peer Mentoring: I’ve joined an online peer mentoring group run by Phil LeNir from Coaching Ourselves ( The aim here is explore how to further embed 702010 at work, experience peer coaching via Facebook Workplace and connect and learn from great L&D folk from around the world!

Here’s to getting right back into it!




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  1. Nice to see you directly state that your blog will be a part of your reflective practices. Harold Jarche looks at blogging as part of the greater sense-making practice. Check out what he has to say about Personal Knowledge Management

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