‘Is social learning informal?’ …what is social learning anyway?!

August 30, 2011 at 4:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I just watched this very short video that stated that  ‘Social Learning Is Not By Definition Informal’ – it made me think!

Tammara says a few things in the video, mainly:

1. learning = social
2. social learning = learning between you and another person
3. social learning NOT informal

My question is: what is her interpretation of informal learning?

Because learning to walk is social and also informal..there is no structure or assessment or rules around it. So if learning to walk is social learning then social learning can be informal.

I think what we need to clarify here is what we define as ‘Social learning’ – because Bandura (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_learning_theory) developed his Social Learning theory a long time ago and it is based on learning via observation and role modeling – is this the same Social Learning people are referring to these days?

I have a feeling it is more about social media used for learning. Is this informal..well it can be – depends on how you use it! We all use social networks to some degree and learn informally via these tools..and we can also incorporate social media into formal learning programs.

And what about Connectivism..is this what we really mean when we talk about social learning?

I like what George Siemens has to say in this post http://www.connectivism.ca/?p=317: With connectivism, the emphasis has always been on distribution and connectedness of knowledge and learning. Social networks are one way of “being distributed”. Technological and informational networks are another. While people may have certain social limits to sense making, visualization tools, recommender systems, and similar technologically-mediated models scale beyond what we can do through social networks.

Is social learning informal..it depends on what your interpretation of social learning and informal learning is. It can be, why not?


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