Online Educa Berlin 2009 : what a day!

December 4, 2009 at 3:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

And it’s not even over yet ! I didn’t realize how tiring tweeting was..can’t doze off 😉

It’s been a jam packed day and it’s so difficult to pick the winning sessions. I went for the corporate ones and i think i may have missed the mark today – lots of info, stats and practices that have been around for a while were presented. I haven’t really seen anything that blew me away. But on saying that it is good to see that companies are embracing blended learning and getting more serious about it. Some of the things that have stood out in my mind so far are:

* Deloittes are opting for more top end, well designed e-learning instead of rapid e-learning. Have they out grown the rapid stuff? Getting more sophisticated? Can rapid be sophisticated?

* E-learning means less money spent on travel – arrrggghh i have lost count of the times i have heard that today ! I think it’s time we move beyond that – i mean c’mon there are plenty other reasons and data and research we can use to substantiate e-learning..i know business is business and everyone likes to see the $$ impacts but i think we need to move on.

* Not that many ppl using twitter..was expecting more action

If you’re interested in the sessions i tweeted from take a look here

I’ll post a few vids later.

Now onto the great Online Educa Debtate..hopefully should be fun 😉



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  1. Thanks for your coverage – it’s great to read it from a distance because after having attended for the last 2 years, it’s a bit of a wrench not to be there at OEB this year. Ah the Christmas lights and the markets down Ku-Dam! The Marlene Bar and all the wonderful networking opportunities. Ah well – here’s to OEB 2010!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stephen. This is my first OEB, it’s great to finally be here after reading about it for so long! I have to say tho the Berlin cold is getting to me and my chocolate addiction 😉

  3. good article as usual!

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