Argentina and radical education

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Going through some old docs on my laptop i came across this paper i wrote during my Master’s program at UTS. It is not e-learning related but it may be an interesting read for some.

In the paper i discuss the Recuperated Factory Movement in Argentina (circa 2001 – 2006) from an adult education perspective. A bit of a snapshot:

Buenos Aires, December 2001: “Que se vayan todos” (they all must go) yelled by millions of Argentineans to the beat of pots and pans was the catalyst that signalled the country’s rapid fall into a social and economic abyss. Since late 2001 this fall has paved the way for a change in the Argentinean labour landscape with the emergence of the Recuperated Factory Movement. This movement has reactivated unemployment and brought a radical change in owner-worker paradigms in ways that were never thought possible.

This radical change initiated by workers has a learning process associated that although not explained in great detail in current literature, but based on the context and facts, seems to fit into the radical education philosophy. Words like dialog, discussion groups, consciousness raising, praxis, critical thinking and social action are all synonyms of radical education and similarly of the Recuperated Factory Movement.

In this paper I will analyse the Recuperated Factory Movement from an adult education perspective, hypothesising how and if it fits into the radical adult education framework.

The questions I will be posing are:

  • Does the existing radical education philosophy support the learning that occurs in the Argentinean Recuperated Factory Movement?
  • What role does adult education have in the Recuperated Factory Movement?

Read the full paper here Recuperated factories and radical education



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