CCK08 Week 1 – What is Connectivism?

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So first week down – and it’s been pretty much learning in isolation for me this week – a paradox when talking about Connectivism!

I went through 3 readings – ( and

at this stage I have questions..I am hoping as the weeks pass I’ll be able to answer them.

What Connectivism Is

This was a great first reading and the one that posed the most questions for me – the key points:

“..knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, therefore learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks.”

Q: if I exist in isolation (which I know I don’t but let’s just say) do I have no contact with any type of knowledge?

“..knowledge is not acquired. Knowledge is literally the set of connections formed by actions and experience. Connections form naturally, through a process of association, and are not ‘constructed’ through some sort of intentional action.”

Q: So knowledge exists but not as we see it – we can’t see it, it’s not a thing. Does this mean that the more connections we form the more knowledge we have access to?

“ Connectivism there is no real concept of transferring knowledge, making knowledge, or building knowledge.”

Q: As L&D professionals what is our role through the Connectivist lens? Is my role is in the practice, in facilitating the networks, growing networks? But we said above that they grow naturally..

My aim for next week is to get more involved in the conversations happening through Moodle and reading other blogs and commenting.


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  1. As L&D professionals, I think our role is not so much to fill people’s heads with information, but rather to upskill them to find that information efficiently. The advent of the Internet has shown us that it’s not necessary to know everything in the world, so long as I can Google it when I need it. In the context of L&D in the corporate sector, it would be improbable to learn “off by heart” every detail about every product the company offers, for example. And that information is likely to change at any moment, anyway. Being able to find out a particular detail just in time, such as when a customer asks, is what matters. I see wikis playing an important role in this space – facilitating knowledge networks that are easily constructed, updated and traversed.

  2. […] and the modern learner Recently, I read a blog article about connectivism by Debora Gallo. Soon after, I attended a presentation about m-learning by Jan Herrington, in which […]

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