CCK08 – Back in study mode

September 7, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

It’s been over a semester since i last participated in any type of “formal” study and I can’t keep myself away for too long. I’m starting George Siemen’s and Stephen Downes’ course on Connectivism tomorrow – very exciting!

As part of the course I’ll be reflecting and discussing readings and learnings here on my blog. Part of the pre work requires me to answer the following:

  • Where you’re from

I’m originally from Argentina but have been living in Sydney, Australia for over 10 years now.

  • Why you’re interested in this course

I’ve been interested in Connectivism for a while now but never really gave myself time to look into it or engage in any decent readings on the topic so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to learn more about it. I am also interested in the way the course is delivered – I want to experience learning this way and if it works hopefully incorporate it into programs I design at work.

  • What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success

I’ll consider it a success if I learn something new, which I am 100% certain I will.

  • Random information about yourself – your work, your experience with networked technologies, etc.

I work for ING – currently in our (very small) e-learning space. An interesting fact about me – I have visited lots and lots of rural hospitals here in Australia training nurses on how to create their rosters online. I love boxing and am thinking of buying a punching bag for home!



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  2. Hi Debora, Nice to see so many Sydneysiders taking this course. Technically I’m a Blue Mountains resident, but I work at UNSW so I’m honorary at the very least LOL.

    It’s good to see the private sector represented too, I suspect you’ll have some very interesting insight into how Connectivism relates to social and professional interaction.



  3. Hi Mike,
    Great to meet you! It is great connecting with so many Sydneysiders online – up until recently i was complaining there weren’t enough Aussie L&D bloggers out there..the higher ed sector is definitely leading the way!
    I’m very keen to start exploring how connectivism fits into the (mostly) rigid (especially in terms of learning theory thinking and application) corporate learning landscape!
    I look forward to interesting conversations!

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