Free L&D seminar this Thursday

September 7, 2008 at 3:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
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If you’re in the Sydney CBD on Thursday morning and in need of a bite to eat and a bit of L&D – come join me !

Free Sydney Seminar:  The Love of Learning – The Future of Workplace Training & Development


What a great effort by James and the team at Team Leaders! The Seminar was a success, a great mix of government, higher ed and corporate insight was given by the panellists and the audience was great! Unfortunately I didn’t get my voice recorder in time to grab a podcast of it 😦

The main points for me were:

  • Stephen Walker – Manager of People Strategies, Australian Federal Police –> In terms of strategies for getting innovative training concepts approved in an org he highlighted the importance of getting the CEO on board – in his view selling the vision to the CEO and getting his raving reviews is the key. Senior management buy-in is crucial. I can’t recall if he actually went into specifics of how he got his CEO on board 😦
  • Lorraine Denny – Manager Professional & Organizational Development, Univ. of Wollongong –> In terms of innovative practices Lorraine mentioned a very successful coaching program they have implemented at Wollongong uni as part of their leadership dev. program. She met lots of resistance at first but it is now so popular everyone is asking for a coach!
  • Jean Clendinning – Snr Manager Organizational Learning & Development, IAG –> Jean had some fantastic insights and practical advice around attracting and retaining talented L&D professionals – she mentioned the importance of stretch assignments, the opportunity of becoming a mentor within the organization and the most important thing : if they want to leave let them! They may come back a few years later with more experience and fresh perspectives.

Overall a great event and a great chance to meet L&D professionals – we need more of these events!



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  2. I wich I could make it ! 😦

    Hopefully next time!

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks Mariano – I’ll hopefully be recording some of it and posting it up here tomorrow!

  4. Darn, I missed this one! I will have to keep an eye on your blog for future events.

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