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I´m jumping in on the conversation happening over at the Learning Circuits Blog http://learningcircuits.blogspot.com/ below are my thoughts on where L&D stands in re to new work place literacies and web 2.0

1. Should workplace learning professionals be leading the charge around these new work place literacies?

“Taking the lead” can mean a lot of different things, depending on the organization and the level of influence of L&D.  We certainly have to take a step forward. L&D has access to lots of different parts of the organization and lots of key influencers – we have to make the most of these connections.
Our role could be one of awareness building and starting to lay the foundations from our positions.
Taking the lead can begin with small steps, even starting to ask the key questions, some of us are in positions where we can initiate a 2.0 swell.
As L&D professionals it’s up to us to be innovative and introduce the business to tools and methods that will ultimately improve business performance. If these new work literacies do that then yes, we have to take charge – in any capacity and form we can.

2. Shouldn’t they be starting with themselves and helping to develop it throughout the organization?

Yes, we need to experiment and experience these new ways of working. We need to develop our competencies, skills and comfort levels with these new tools. Unless you try it you won’t really get your mind around the possibilities they bring or how you might use them in the workplace.
It’s not just about helping to develop it within the organization but it should be a vital part of our Personal Learning Environments – experimenting, searching and playing with new tools that open our minds and push us to discover and learn – constantly.

3. Shouldn’t the learning organization become a driver for the organization?

The learning organization should be a trusted business partner of the organization. It should be in line with the overall strategy and be able to bring value to the table.
If we as L&D professionals stay enclosed in our own time capsules our ability to add value fades away rapidly.
We can’t add value if we stay stuck in time. The more we lag behind the less we are able to innovate and help the organization stay ahead of it’s game.
As an innovative and value adding business partner we become indispensable, and thus a co-driver.


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