LearnX – e-learning and cold Melbourne mornings

June 14, 2008 at 9:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Brrrrrrr Melbourne is cold in winter !  I flew down yesterday for the LearnX conference, what a great day! Lots of networking, great presentations, interesting vendors and a free iPod !

Met some great people – amongst those a fellow blogger – great to put a face to the words!  (http://ryan2point0.wordpress.com/)

I delivered a presentation on PLEs – There’s been a lot of talk about PLE’s in the blogsphere in the last 6-12 months and it really struck a chord with me. My main points where that as L&D professionals we need to start thinking about how we learn and what we do (consciously) to keep up to date and current in our profession. Talking about PLEs makes this tangible, even though PLE is a concept it makes us take a closer look at what we are doing within our own learnscapes. My premise is that we need jump in and start playing with tools – how does this relate to a PLE? Well it makes the invisible visible – it makes your learning process more transparent and conscious. We are in the learning profession so it’s a no brainer that what we need to be good at is learning! We need to practice what we preach. And web 2.0 tools have revolutionized the way we learn and connect and collaborate online.

Here’s my presentation

Hopefully after yesterday there will be more people thinking about their PLEs and dipping their toes in the web 2.0 waters!



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  1. It was wonderful to meet you too, Deb. I love Web 2.0, but F2F still adds a new dimension to social networking.

    I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. I intend to provide my own 2-cents’ worth on my own blog, but may I say right now that as L&D professionals it’s funny how we focus so much on other people’s development and sometimes forget about our own.

    Anyway, an ex-uni buddy of mine is right into PLE’s. You may be interested in his blog post, The present and future of Personal Learning Environments. Cheers!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation! Cool stuff you went to uni with Ron – I was referred to his blog a while ago while i was on an Authorware course. I read that post when i was researching PLE’s and thought he took more of a systems approach to PLE’s..i think i relate more to Michelle Martin’s conceptual take – she refers to Ron but then expands to say that PLE’s include formal and informal learning..even notepads and other people. All interesting stuff! Tony Karrer also started a conversation about this a while ago here .
    Have a cool week!

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