Embracing Innovative eLearning Tech – Day 1 Morning Sessions cont’

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Julian Fenwick – Using e-learning to assist in the development of a compliance culture in organizations.

Julian’s presentation was mostly trying to convince us of how e-learning is great for compliance and how important compliance is in general. Working in a financial services organization this wasn’t news..i was hoping he’d focus a bit more on practical tips on how to make compliance training more engaging and how they have succeeded with their product Salt.

The key points i took note of:

– make it easy, make it effective (yes but how? is my question)

– make it an asset not a burden, tell positive stories.

– people need to be engaged – find new stories, keep it refreshed.

– How to make training challenging? engage at the get go, state the benefits, show the personal value, not just company wide3 value, make it real, make it personal.


Craig Murphy, Wendy Palmer – Enhancing staff engagement in training and development

Craig and Wendy took us through some of the tools, gadgets and strategies they are using at ANZ. They’ve just opened a 10 million dollar training centre in Melbourne which is quite impressive, with podcasting studios, green screen (?) studio facility, interactive whiteboards etc. Looks great ! Their e-learning is a more distributed model – they don’t develop – it’s all done by SMEs , they provide the tech support and ID advice.

Some of the key points:

– Some of their current challenges: they have mature systems (elearning modules etc’) in place – leads to learner fatigue. Staff want more than just page turners.

– the SMEs create captivate demos etc then hand over to developers for polishing. they use a corporate template and development standards.

– they have an LMS and a separate portal for courses that don’t need tracking or have large files etc.

– the new ANZ learning center uses the latest technology such as Zing (infrared keyboards), Mimio smart boards (interactive whiteboards), multimedia zone with green room video production, imac hub, podcasting studio.

– they have simple options in their courses for people that don’t want all the bells and whistles “click here to see this course in plain text”.


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