It’s time to step up into e-learning mgmt

May 10, 2008 at 11:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment


So the old saying ‘Ask and you shall receive” is true! Not that I didn’t believe in it before now. I had my performance “chat” with my manager on Friday. I went straight to the point and told her I wanted to be the e-learning manager – I put it out there! I said I am ready to take responsibility for our LMS, the helpdesk and all things e-learning related. So I am now officially stepping away from training delivery and moving into the ‘e’ space 🙂

Big task ahead – first of all I have to get our basics right – sort out our helpdesk procedures, get some SLA’s in place, streamline our reporting – that’s the only way to give the system credibility and to ease our headaches ! At the moment the system is an orphan – no one wants to take responsibility for it – so I am stepping up!

Once I have the process side of things sorted I can focus on our blended strategy for the next 6 months – maximizing our usage of Skillsoft and making e-learning a viable solution for our L&D projects.

So May will be my handover month – handing over my current training portfolio to one of my team members while I start to focus on my new responsibilities.

The most valuable piece of feedback my manager gave me was that I need to come out of my shell – she knows there are ideas inside – I just have to let them loose – so here goes..I am stepping up..finally !!


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