Project mgmt 2.0 – where I have I been all this time?

March 9, 2008 at 4:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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I’ve recently taken on a new project at work – revamping our corporate Orientation program. I’ve managed lots of small projects in the past but this one is one of the bigger ones. There are approx 10 key stakeholders working on the project at the moment.

So today I was thinking about our next meeting and the best way to start collaborating and sharing ideas and getting the project plan to everyone..and I remembered Basecamp ( I stumbled across this online app a while ago but never really took a close look at it. Today I did – and wow its simplicity blew me away! It’s an online project mgmt tool – compared to desktop apps like MS Project it’s quite simple and geared more towards collaboration between a project team.

So you create your project and invite the project team members and then start collaborating – share messages, to-do lists, milestones and a wiki. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m thinking a tool like this would be fantastic for my e-learning projects! It certainly beats sending 101 emails back and forth between the project team.  In my previous job we used Sharepoint subwebs for special projects.

So Basecamp looks good for now – I’m just testing out the free account. I also came across this site – I guess there’s 2 sides to every story.

An open source alternative to Basecamp would be very cool – Does anyone know of one?


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